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More information about SFP+ connectors

Author:admin / time:2021-01-12 / The number of clicks:161

The SFP connector has brought faster broadband service, which facilitates the business model of the 21st century and brings greater convenience to people. Here we will introduce how the Internet and technology are applied in airline service to bring passengers a brand new travel experience.


When traveling by air, we often see flight attendants promote the duty-free products. Passengers have to read a printed catalogue and submit a purchase form which specifies the product number to the flight attendants. Then, the flight attendants would collect payment by cash or credit card and deliver the decently packaged product to the customer. On the other hand, the business class passengers can make an order of the meal, choose beverages, require after-meal service, and purchase duty-free products directly to the flight attendants; the stewardess may have to confirm about the services throughout the process, which may appear bothering to some passengers.


It was mentioned in the additional column for SFP+ Connector that many airline companies have introduced the service of “wireless network onboard”, which has attracted a great number of passengers from the millennial generation. The internet is not only for entertainment; the airline companies have actually introduced several “smart services”, which could significantly shorten the time passengers spent on waiting and communicating for service details. This could make their travel experience more delightful.


Online seat booking system

Many airline companies offer the “online registration” service on their official websites. Passengers can register through the Internet online 24 hours before the flight time, which can save them a lot of time waiting at the airport. Passengers who don't need to check in luggage can go to the fast-pass custom kiosk with the passport and electronic boarding pass. Passengers who need to check in their luggage can also register online in advance and go to the automatic luggage check-in kiosk after arriving at the airport to save time on getting the boarding pass.


Meal ordering service for business class passengers

The “one-on-one meal-ordering service” of the stewardesses has been replaced by the online meal-ordering service. Passengers can read the menu on the Internet or with the in-flight entertainment system after boarding the airplane. The smart service can not only shorten the time waiting for the meal but also make it easier for passengers who couldn't speak English to make orders.


Ordering duty-free products online

Passengers can also choose the duty-free products they want on the Internet or through the in-flight entertainment system and pay by credit card or other ways through the online payment system. Then, they can get the product right after they get onboard or pick up the products at the counter of the duty-free shop in the designated zone. This service has been very popular among young people.


SFP+ connector not only enriches our life; the Internet service along with more advanced technology also makes it possible to offer more convenient shopping service.