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QSFP28 connector and network application

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With COVID-19 declared as a global pandemic, the issues of public health and infectious disease management have drawn worldwide attention once again. Do you know which industry prioritizes infectious disease management? The answer is the luxury industry. According to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, people must first satisfy their basic physiological needs before their social and esteem needs. They would also strive for self-actualization only after becoming rich in life. The luxury industry is aimed at satisfying the needs of the wealthy and the affluent. In 2020, people stayed home and had no need for fine clothing. So, how did the luxury industry survive amid such adverse circumstances - through QSFP28 connector and the Internet?


The fashion industry’s crisis survival during the pandemic

COVID-19 has a significant impact on various industries such as the transportation industry, aviation industry and tourism industry. It has likewise affected the luxury industry with European brands experiencing a sharp decline in sales volume since 70% of purchases come from Asian tourists/customers who travel to Europe and visit their stores.


New marketing strategies of the luxury industry

European luxury brands such as Chanel, Hermès, LV, and YSL adopt relatively conservative marketing strategies. Despite the online shopping system on the official website, their online sales volume only accounted for 7%, which is merely half of the figure achieved by common brands. And so, European luxury brands have begun expanding their overseas sites, with limited models which were previously available in China; these are now being sold only in Paris and Italy, thereby restricting the sale of top-of-the-line models exclusively in Europe. Even though opening sites in small cities could increase the price, this strategy could not be considered a long-term solution.


Community connection of store sales personnel

Because of the pandemic and control policies implemented worldwide, people rarely go out and only a few go shopping. For the luxury industry that lacks customer experience, sales personnel inform customers of new arrivals and hot items through community software such as WhatsApp and WeChat, which allow customers to purchase products more conveniently, as well as provide a new and exciting experience for customers who are used to visiting physical stores.


In 2020, traveling and shopping in physical stores overseas have reduced significantly. The luxury industry has adopted conservative marketing strategies, real-time marketing, and online shopping by maximizing the benefits of the QSFP28 connector and network. Marketing strategies in the luxury industry have changed beginning this year.