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SFP + CONNECTOR Extension Column

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Are you still worried about how to speak a foreign language fluently without going abroad? With the SFP + Connector and a broadband high-speed network, you can learn foreign languages with foreign teachers at home! Long before the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, Taiwan's education market had already launched an "online foreign language course" program, featuring "time flexibility", "authentic foreign tutors" and preferential tuition programs, to attract many working people to sign up. The teaching mode of using only one network and one network line has broken the familiar class mode in the past. What are the advantages and disadvantages of the online learning mode?


Advantages: Can be done anytime, anywhere

The greatest advantage of online teaching is having a "flexible class time and venue", which is really good news for many working people. In the past, cram schools had a fixed schedule. We must comply with the class time and attend classes at the designated place. However, if we need to ask for leave temporarily and if the cram school does not have a make-up system, the class we missed will be wasted and we may not be able to keep up in the next class.


Advantages: Customized learning scheme

For students and language teaching institutions, the "rich resource pool of tutors" is a very powerful advantage. Through the Internet, the boundary between countries has been removed. Students can choose their favorite tutors, and students can also create their own schedules according to the different levels of charging methods and class times.


Though online teaching has such powerful advantages, it also has its share of disadvantages.


Disadvantages: Network speed and equipment limitations affecting output

If the network signals at home are not good, or the students lack computers, video cameras, headphones and other online class equipment, the effect of online teaching is not so good. For older students, before taking English classes, they must first learn to operate the web interface and be familiar with the functions of the network. It is not as convenient and direct as on-site classes.


Disadvantages: Not suitable for people with poor self-discipline

Classes with a flexible schedule and which can be conducted anywhere are only suitable for students with "high self-discipline". Because there is no set time, it is easy for us to forget to attend classes after signing up, and sometimes, we are too lazy to attend classes. Offering time-limited courses is a solution to this. Although we can arrange our own schedule, the courses expire after a set period. For example, if we buy 12 classes this month but only attend one, the courses will expire next month and the money will be wasted.


SFP + Connectors and broadband networks facilitate our daily life, but behind the "freedom", it also tests our perseverance in learning.