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QSFP28 connector: Shopping without going abroad

Author:admin / time:2021-02-09 / The number of clicks:69

The COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected the aviation industry, tourism industry, and fashion & boutique industry. However, it has also brought forth a new online business model that focuses on marketing products through online shopping malls which offer a more competitive pricing than on-site shops. Despite being unable to shop in physical stores, people can still buy products they want online! This is what QSFP28 connector and internet application has to offer.


Online stores’ special deals and big discounts

Unlike special traditional festival offers, online shopping malls launch exclusive e-commerce marketing campaigns with unique promotion dates, such as Double 11 and Double 12 shopping festivals. For example, to promote duty-free skin care products, special deals such as package discounts, discount pricing and discount coupons are offered continuously to attract customers, prompting them to log in or "sign in and check in" every day to accumulate discount coupons or reward points that they can use to pay for their next purchase. With e-commerce, owners are able to cut store rental costs, enabling them to reduce the price of specific items and provide free delivery to boost popularity and sales.


Physical stores’ exclusive offers

Aside from holding price promotions similar to online stores, physical stores employ marketing strategies that offer exclusive on-site offers to differentiate products from online stores. These special deals are not available in online shopping malls and even cost lower. Customers can only purchase them from physical stores. There is also discount pricing as well as product samples available.


Online and offline membership reward points/discount

In order to secure customer loyalty and increase customer retention, online stores have launched a membership system, wherein customers  can accumulate reward points when they shop using their membership cards and use these points to get a discount on their next purchase. Physical stores also partner with major department stores to offer special promotions such as gift vouchers and cash vouchers to attract  and persuade customers to regularly patronize physical stores.


Owners of duty-free goods use QSFP28 connector and the Internet to effectively launch their online marketing plans. They have successfully bridged the gap between online and offline sales, utilizing membership systems and discount pricing to effectively improve overall sales volume. In spite of the pandemic which paralyzed the tourism and transportation industries, owners are still able to meet shoppers’ demand by offering discounted items.