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SFP+ CONNECTOR and network application

Author:admin / time:2021-02-24 / The number of clicks:146

Among popular videos in 2020, Emily in Paris is the most widely talked about TV series. The beautiful protagonist Emily has a set of Internet marketing skills that have successfully attracted viewers to products advertised on the show. The series may seem superficial, but it actually features many important marketing techniques in this era of SFP+ CONNECTOR and the Internet.


Marketing perspective that emphasizes user experience

Advertisements are part of our lives. They often appear and become intrusive at times.  No matter how good the advertisements, they are far less effective compared to the consumers’ actual experience with a product. In the series, Emily’s  ability to let people experience the products themselves, has triggered a wave of discussions in the internet community.  Regardless of whether an experience is good or bad, it piques anyone’s interest and is worth sharing.


Voting as a marketing strategy                                                                                

When marketing discussions between a company and sponsor end in a stalemate, instead of letting the marketing company determine which plan to adopt, it is best to just let the public decide and "vote" for it. In the series, Emily created a voting system through Instagram (IG) to find out the viewers’ first impression of certain advertisements. This made people participate spontaneously and facilitated communication as well as community discussions about the marketing plan.


Number of fans vs. content and interaction

To say that having many fans is indicative of a successful marketing plan is a myth. Emily emphasized the importance of analyzing the number of fans in terms of marketing content and objectives, which should be consistent in order to successfully attract followers who share the same philosophy. In other words, rather than focusing on the number of fans, satisfying and interacting with them is more important in order to establish a long-term relationship.



Utilizing check-in function and hashtags effectively

As mentioned in the previous article, Emily uses hashtags and the check-in function when posting on social networking sites to make her new posts searchable and popular. Through the check-in function, both online and offline physical activities are promoted. This is a two-way cycle, in which people become interested in a particular place or activity if they see others checking-in.


Although direct contact with users is not really necessary in online marketing and traditional marketing, both emphasize the importance of user experience. SFP+ CONNECTOR and the Internet are simply a medium for transmitting messages. The key to online marketing success is user experience and interaction.