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QSFP28 connector and network application: online

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When living abroad, some people need their families to send them supplies from their hometown. There are instances wherein the sender has no idea whether the package he or she sent was received. It is only when the recipient informs the sender that he/she has received the package can the sender know the status. QSFP28 connector and network services do not only speed up the process of online shopping, but also track packages sent overseas.


Foreign Shipping Service

There are many ways to send packages overseas, e.g. through EMS postal service, DHL and other major logistics systems, which provide customers with a wide range of options. Take SF Freight for example, when sending a package overseas using its logistics service, it is necessary to provide the sender and recipient information on its official website, as well as set an appointment for on-site pick-up. After the package is picked up, the sender can then track the delivery status online based on the number indicated on the receipt. It normally takes 3-5 days for the package to arrive overseas.


Integrating the logistics supply chain with e-commerce

Since COVID-19 wreaked havoc in 2020, the global economy has been in a dismal state. With most people working from home, online shopping has become popular. SF Logistics works with many e-commerce companies to deliver fresh food and documents as well as provide express delivery and other services to expand the supply chain. With network technology, operators can integrate online and offline inventory and logistics more quickly, accelerate overall operation, and achieve better performance in both logistics and e-commerce.


Transparent Logistics and Network Services

Compared to the general logistics industry, the SF Logistics System provides users with more network services, including on-site pick-up or booking request, networking of sender data collection, and systematic and transparent logistics tracking that enable users to monitor the delivery status of packages anytime and improve customer satisfaction.


Logistics companies and e-commerce are closely related to the application of network technology. During the pandemic and post-pandemic era, social distancing is required. Therefore, customers and operators are interested in business modes with high efficiency, low cost and high accuracy. As SF Logistics offers most of its services online, which include network ordering, delivery, packaging, transportation, transit and local/international centralized transportation service, it utilizes network technology. This business model complements today’s modern lifestyle, which highlights the importance of QSFP28 connector and network technology to logistics operators as well as to network service in the future.